We design and create the most amazing customized piece for your home

A focusing and calm enviroment for those offices. We believe that the contact with nature is very important for improving the lifestyle of people.

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A quite area between kitchen and living. We decided to create a lounge space, with tables, wine fridges and music bar.

A dining room is much more than a functional space where meals are served. It is a space where a family gathers to share stories after a long day. It may also be the place where children finish their homework and assemble projects, where parties are held, and where friends linger long after the meal is over.

We designed a full walk in closed from scratch. The space is very small so we had to study measurements and optimize them. 

The client ask us to transform a guest room in a office room, keeping the possibility to use it as a bedroom if they need.

Coming soon.
Elegant furnishing, bold curtains, antique accents, textured rugs, bright statement lighting, and bright colour schemes scream traditional in every way. One of the most recognisable characteristics of conventional style is the use of symmetry albeit well balanced with furniture and architecture. You can place a large painting over a sofa that gives your living room a focal point.


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