Multifunction Space

Restyling of the exhibition gallery

The logo has been created using lines, curves and edges that you can recognise inside of the gallery. The gallery will be named “SOTTO” and will be a space that client will use for many different options. 

Before Renovation

The Lungarno Room


Multifunctional space with different movable equipment 

Create a multifunctional space: a very clear, useful, simple space and easy to maintain, designed for exhibition, meetings, conventions or fairs with a touch of modern and elegance feeling. 


The Original Structure

The clients asked us to organise the space in order to create a storage room, to fit furniture and tables and stuff for the gallery but also a little kitchen, for small catering. 

The Modifications

We added a plasterboard wall and divided the room in the middle, creating a versatile and useful kitchen on the left and a storage on the right. We drew an arch as separation, creating a nice middle space as waiting room or coffee area for clients waiting for the restroom. 

Final Result

The result is a modern and elegant environment ready to be used for many different occasions

Exhibition Gallery

Plasterboard Wall with the logo"SOTTO" looking from the entrance

Meetings and Presentations 


We created a dedicated area where client can out everything, close the door and hide from visitors. The space has been organised in order to fit all the pieces, chairs, benches and tv stand as well. 


Unique design that attracts the vision when someone steps into the space

Plasterboard Wall

Customised wall takes on curved shapes and opening systems that suitable for the purpose to follow a softer trend

Ceiling Representation

From Gio Ponti’s draws we got inspiration to decor the gallery. 

The ceiling, with a big cylinder in the centre, has been decorated with a geometry that remind his decorations and the colours are mixed shades of blue



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