Mara Ginevra Olivetta

Interior Design BFA - San Francisco | CCA
Studium Architecture - Florence Design School 

CEO of Mara Ginevra Design Studio, founded in Los Angeles in 2015.

"Osservare e studiare a fondo le persone è stato fondamentale per mettere a punto quella libertà creativa necessaria per creare ambienti su misura perfetti per il cliente. Penso che l'interior,  inteso come spazio che ci sta intorno, è un luogo strettamente legato alla psicologia dell'individuo e il design è lo strumento più importante che abbiamo per  descrivere  al meglio la nostra personalità"

I’ve spent years traveling, curating, reading, and experiencing interior spaces and nature’s beauty along the way. I’ve lived in many parts of the world before landing in Los Angeles, all of which fueled my passion for design. I bring these deeply inspirational experiences and the emotions they’ve evoked to each of my projects.

I listen carefully to my clients most cherished hopes and dreams. I also love introducing new ideas to help them reach their goals with visions they might not have considered. Being self-taught, I tend to work on instinct, and my years of study and work experience have helped me to channel those instincts into successful design solutions.

My ultimate goal is to please my clients in a way that surprises and delights!! Always to exceed their highest expectations.

Lew Seok Ngoh

Studium Archietcture Florence Design School 

Co-Partner Asia - Visual Design head department 

To conceive a space, I listen to it, I analyze its constraints, its needs and its context. This is how our studio functions; the human scale prevails. I often compare places to faces. I like providing a solution in order to define, with the client, how to work with all the energy that the space inspires.

I draw on my passion from the many genres of design that inspire me, combining them in fresh and unexpected ways. Never trendy, the spaces must be fresh, functional, aesthetically alive, that will continue to inspire for years to come.

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