BALCONY - Florence

A space filled with colors and happiness. A little corner of paradise.


A cozy environment with real plants, recycled and natural materials and some solar paneled little lights around. 

A space where they can have dinner at night and think like they are outside the city, focused on nature around. We also took care of the nice view of the city of Florence, covering only the bad spots while highlighting the good ones. 


As part of our job, we created a similar environment in our renders, showing to the client the clearest idea of what they will have at the end. 

We selected few different pieces and the clients choosed with us their favorite combinations.

Renders and moodboard 

We suggested to the clients the best space organization for their space in order to optimize any single meter.

This terrace was empty and the clients never used. we highlighted the iron handmade artwork and managed to cover the air-condition fan with a green wall.

Measurements of the balcony was very low so we decided to make it safer fixing that in a stylish way.


This space needed identity. A pleasant area where to hang. 


We worked on colors. Plants, natural materials, modern and simple furniture. 



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