Cocktail Bar


They hired us to transform a room meant to be a dining room, into a moody and glamorous cocktail lounge to entertain friends in. They wanted something dramatic; the wife is fashionable and modern, so this room called for an over-the-top elegant vibe.  We also wanted to add a dry bar and seating for their guests. Since we already worked with this client before, they were very open to our ideas, and the design thru construction of this room, went quickly and smoothly.


Concept and renderings 

We wanted this room to be luring and flirtatious; a  ‘come hither’ space that made you want to throw a party, and never want to leave! This room is all about shiny texture, vibrant color, and pattern.


Furniture details 



The main colors are golden and concrete.

Artemide lights


Final Result 

After we completed this project, our client said “This room is my favorite place to be in my house. Our guests have the biggest crush on it; and I love to sit in this room all by myself in the evenings. 


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