The concept 

A dining room is much more than a functional space where meals are served. It is a space where a family gathers to share stories after a long day. It may also be the place where children finish their homework and assemble projects, where parties are held, and where friends linger long after the meal is over. At a pinch, it may even be where you set up your home office on the days you work from home. 

This heart of the home can be a place you show off your interior design style. Take into consideration the space, functionalities you want it to serve and then experiment with furniture, furnishings, colour palettes, and lighting for a perfect setting to host meals and create memories. 



The concept and moodboard 

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How was before

We had to paint the walls, preparing for wallpaper, we painted radiator too and windows. 

Work in progress

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Final Result 


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